How water is more valuable and useful than oil

The critically-acclaimed book “Your Water Footprint” reveals how water is essential to our civilization in ways we never imagined.

front cover It takes more than 7,600 liters (2,000 gallons) of water to make a single pair of jeans. That morning cup of coffee required 140 liters (37 gallons) of water before it found its way to your table—water that was used to grow, process and ship the coffee beans. When we spend money on food, clothes, cellphones or even electricity, we are buying water  — a shockingly large amount of water.

Each of Us ‘Consumes’ 8000 litres (+2,000 gal) of Water Every Day

While water usage continues to soar, shortages now affect more than 3 billion people including millions of Americans and Canadians. A decade from now 3 out of 5 people will face water shortages.

About the award-winning author and journalist Stephen Leahy

Voted Best Science Book for it’s clarity, relevance and powerful infographics, Your Water Footprint provides essential information on how to reduce your water use. That will help you save money, be prepared for shortages and ensure our children and grandchildren will have abundant fresh water.  Water-wise choices is all about smart substitutions and changes, rather than sacrifice and self-denial.

WINNER Best Canadian Science Book

2015 Winner NYC Green Book Festival

 Water Footprint of BeefYWF smartphone

Click for more colourful infographics from the book

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 12.05.20 PMNational Geographic Interviews Stephen Leahy About Your Water Footprint


Stephen has done presentations for all ages and backgrounds in a number of different countries. Click here for more info

MUSE talk passport“… a favourite of our audiences. He’s able to make complex issues seem
simple without taking anything away from the urgency and importance of
his message.”
David Leonard, Director of Events, the Walrus Foundation

Stephen on Walrus TV: “We don’t realize our entire society runs on water. It doesn’t run on oil”



“…a brilliant and shocking exposé on precisely how much water we use…” — Publishers Weekly

“This book is unique in its handling of a complex topic…the content is timely, important, and fascinating” — Library Journal

…exceptionally lucid narration with arresting, full-page info graphics”  — Booklist,  starred review

“Leahy, an award-winning Ontario environmental journalist… makes it clear that the most innocent-seeming actions and products are far from water-neutral. — Toronto Star

If I could give Your Water Footprint: The Shocking Facts About How Much Water We Use to Make Everyday Products five stars out of four, I would. Buy it. Read it. Share it. — CM Magazine

Rated ****+ Stars on Goodreads with 16 reviews

Click for more reviews including some from teachers


Water is far more valuable and useful than oil — The Guardian

PEAK WATER IS HERE: Oil steals all the headlines, but the virtual water that goes into producing the things we eat, wear and use every day is the biggest risk to humanity — NOW magazine

World Water Day: The cost of cotton exports in water-challenged India — The Guardian

Why Canada’s water situation is so much worse than we think — Yahoo News

8 Shocking Facts About Water Consumption — EcoWatch

For more click here for more articles

Your Water Footprint:  The Shocking Facts About How Much Water We Use To Make Everyday Products

160 Pages, 125 Unique Infographics only  $19.95 Paperback  (Also avail in hardcover) 

In US:  AmazonPowell’s Books; Barnes&Noble; Indiebound

Canada:  Chapters-Indigo Signed copies avail at Blue Heron Books – Stephen’s home town bookstore; In Ottawa visit the legendary Octopus Books

UK:  WH Smith; Amazon; Waterstones

Australia: Angus & Robertson; Booktopia

New Zealand: Mighty Ape

Personal Note:  I was very touched to learn the James and Suzy Cameron (Avatar, Titanic) gave copies of my book to their many friends and family as part of their 2014 Christmas gift package.  We’re all connected by water.  — Stephen

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