“Exceptionally lucid narration” — Booklist

Booklist logoIssue: November 1, 2014

American Library Association

***** Starred Review*****

“…exceptionally lucid narration with arresting, full-page info graphics.”

 We know about our carbon footprint. Now environmental journalist Leahy alerts us to an even more daunting reality, our water footprint. There are no alternatives to water, and the supply of freshwater is finite. Obviously, we drink and use water in our daily routines, but we also consume massive quantities in agriculture and manufacturing. More than can be replaced.

Leahy takes a uniquely clear and direct approach to revealing the magnitude of our hidden water profligacy by matching his exceptionally lucid narration with arresting, full-page infographics. We see that a pair of jeans, from cotton field to factory to you, requires 2,000 gallons of water. One measly liter of soybean-based biodiesel fuel requires 11,397 liters, or 3,010 gallons, of water. Page after page of such eye-opening calculations recalibrates our understanding of the invisible role water plays in every aspect of our lives, jarring disclosures that can help us make choices, however modest. For example, the production of one cup of tea requires 9 gallons of water; one cup of coffee, 37 gallons; two pounds of tomatoes, 56.5 gallons; two pounds of beef, 4,068 gallons.

As irresistible as it is alarming, Leahy’s water footprint primer is a catalyst for conservation of our most precious endangered resource.

— Donna Seaman

Young Adult/General Interest: “Leahy’s straightforward, teen-friendly explanations and clever, compelling visuals constitute an ideal introduction to the urgent facts about water.” —Donna Seaman

(A starred review indicates a work judged by a reviewer to be outstanding in its genre)

Your Water Footprint:  The Shocking Facts About How Much Water We Use To Make Everyday Products

Published Nov 2014  160 Pages, 125 Unique Infographics, $19.95 Paperback

(Also avail in hardcover)

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